Ep 57 (8.31.17) - The One with Hurricane Harvey

September 6, 2017

Almost a week late, but still just as relevant. Is Brandon Bollig better than Jaromir Jagr? Just how classy is Shane Doan? Who is RJ Umberger, anyway? Carolyn is scandalized, Merrin has audio issues, and we urge you to donate to help out Houston in Harvey's aftermath. Plus all the woman's hockey talk you could want!


Note: we really do apologize for the audio issues. We had a lot of skype problems.


Ep 56 (8.2.17) - The One with Bowling for Soup

August 5, 2017

It's August and everything is boring. Except, of course, the Dallas Stars, who have landed the 2018 NHL Draft. Carolyn & Merrin chat Draft, Texas politics, activism, philosophy, contracts, weather, and early 2000s pop punk.


Ep. 55 (7.12.17) - The One Where Merrin Plots Revenge

July 15, 2017

Why talk about roster moves when you can sing about them? The Stars' big offseason continues and Carolyn & Merrin are excited and concerned. Excerned? Concited? Also, it always comes down to murder when Honka's involved, Carolyn is a troll, and Merrin teaches us about Canada.


Ep. 54 (6.15.17) - The One with Lohan Outrage

June 17, 2017

Carolyn gets a solo, Merrin gets racy, the Penguins get a Cup, and the Stars might make some trades -- it's Expansion Madness! We review Wonder Woman, Houston, and Tyler Seguin's new dog. Just who does Lindsay Lohan think she is, anyway?


Ep. 53 (5.31.17) - The Skype Era Begins

June 1, 2017

We're back y'all! A two month hiatus means Carolyn & Merrin have to catch up on all the recent Stars news - Hitchcock hired, Bishop signed, and there's still more to come. Not to mention, there's like some big playoff or something. Gird that groinal region, it's the Fran Drescher of podcasts!


Ep. 52 (4.5.17) - The One with the Hitman Economy

April 6, 2017

Carolyn is MOVING! Merrin has her mind on SPACE! Gary Bettman is a ROBOT! The Stars might draft a GOALIE! The end of the season is in sight, the Olympics are out, and ice cream is a sign.


Ep. 51 (3.15.17) - The One with Tree Sexism

March 16, 2017

Are we done yet? Blue line questions, Nichushkin check ups, Sami the cat, Mass Effect, the USA Women's hockey strike, and rooting for the underdogs. Will Merrin survive her gut wound? Will Carolyn survive her romance novel?

[Volume Warning at the start]


Ep. 50 (2.22.17) - The One with Sinus Problems

February 23, 2017

It's the bye week, which means only one thing - time for a nasty head cold! Carolyn & Merrin break down the season's sadness, Jamie Benn: weatherman, trades, tacos, and talent shows. It's ok, you don't have to join our frat.


Ep. 49 (2.1.17) - Cody Eakin, Please Shave

February 2, 2017

In this episode, Carolyn & Merrin discuss the Stars' dirty wins, the trade for yet another goalie, Cody Eakin's mustache, Ken Hitchcock's firing, how to stay sane in a stressful political climate, and why hockey is like Oregon Trail.


Ep. 48 (1.19.17) - Jim Nill: Femme Fatale

January 22, 2017

In a crazy busy week, Carolyn & Merrin take a break to talk Jim Nill: Femme Fatale, whether or not Lindy Ruff should be on the hot seat, pointless purple jerseys, if Patrick Sharp will be reunited with the Blackhawks, and can we ever fix the defense?

Is anything softer than Tyler Seguin? You tell us!