Ep 65 (1.21.18) - The One You Wish You Hadn’t Heard

January 22, 2018

It's science hour with Carolyn & Merrin! Yes, the Stars are doing well but so is everyone else in the Central. Also: top-pair Pateryn, the mayonnaise league, and pomade-adjusted weights. It's the episode that we have to apologize for! No, really, we're sorry, y'all.


Ep 64 (1.6.18) - The One with the Pun Count

January 8, 2018

It's a star-studded podcast as Carolyn & Merrin are joined by some of Stars Twitter's funniest fans and writers. Together, they talk Ken Hitchcock, Hogwarts professor, Klingberg for Norris, the Peter Chiarelli Memorial Award, and the latest trends in fashion. 

Big thanks to @damnitjason, @TaylorDBaird, @RobertTiffin and @Holly_Holl for joining! 


DHH 2017 Blooper Reel

January 1, 2018

Happy New Year! Since we're not going to be doing our Annual New Year's podcast, have this little gift instead. 


Ep 63 (12.29.17) - The Semi-Live Christmas Musical Spectacular

December 30, 2017

It's the Semi-Live Christmas Musical Spectacular! We stretch the meaning of parody to bring you all your DHH Radio requests, semi-live! Also, emotional orgasms, Hitch's glitch, the penguin gallery, and what exactly goes on in the elation station?


Ep 62 (12.17.17) - The One with the Plopping Sound

December 18, 2017

Dallas has a pretty productive road trip even if Ken Hitchcock is still on our bad side. #FreedHonka, Russia makes bad choices, the ladies join a gang, Merrin gets crushed, and Carolyn ruins Christmas. 

Plus, we're still fundraising for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society! Click here to donate: https://www.paypal.me/deephearthockey

Come on, #DoItForTheNarrative


Ep 61 (12.03.17) - The One with the Magic Laces

December 4, 2017

In this episode, Carolyn and Merrin get into the magic yellow laces, Jamie Benn is a giant dork, Carolyn goes on the warpath, Merrin gets the warm-and-fuzzies, and everyone gets a Disney princess! 


Ep 60 (11.19.17) - The Consistently Disappointing One

November 20, 2017

The Stars are 10-9-1 and lacking any sort of consistency. Well, not any sort. Carolyn & Merrin talk implosions, trades, witchcraft, baby stealing, and share their strong opinions on pop music. 


Ep 59 (11.3.17) - The I Told You So One

November 5, 2017

It's hockey is terrible week! Carolyn & Merrin discuss the Stars' "sudden" downturn, #FreeHonka, language barriers, Team Putin, Fun's No. 1 Enemy, and how to be a better high-fiver. 


Ep 58 (10.18.17) - The One with Wrasslin’

October 20, 2017

After a long hiatus, hockey is back! And so are Carolyn and Merrin. They talk the Stars' start to the year, evaluate the new blood, and learn about the puritans. Who is Geordie Howe? Find out on Deep in the Heart of Hockey!


Ep 57 (8.31.17) - The One with Hurricane Harvey

September 6, 2017

Almost a week late, but still just as relevant. Is Brandon Bollig better than Jaromir Jagr? Just how classy is Shane Doan? Who is RJ Umberger, anyway? Carolyn is scandalized, Merrin has audio issues, and we urge you to donate to help out Houston in Harvey's aftermath. Plus all the woman's hockey talk you could want!


Note: we really do apologize for the audio issues. We had a lot of skype problems.