Ep 87 (12.3.18) - The One that Goes ‘Hey’ in the Night

December 4, 2018

Ken Hitchcock makes his return to Dallas, Carolyn goes full Babadook, Merrin makes a surprising prediction, and Honka embodies a troublesome nun. Happiness gets tripled, we start a book club, and everyone needs to get on our Cheer level.


Ep 86 (11.18.18) The One with Martial Law

November 19, 2018

A not quite league-worst power play, dead defensemen, and yet the Stars are doing ok? Carolyn & Merrin talk the many kinds of raptors, uncover a conspiracy, reminisce about 80s spy movies, and become one with Christmas cheer. You are cheer. We are all become cheer.


Ep 85 (11.6.18) - The One with the Game

November 7, 2018

The Dallas Stars are in a playoff spot! Well, for *checks watch* maybe this next hour. Carolyn & Merrin try to avoid election-night coverage, talk Nichushkin, coach firings and, of course, the latest Senators shenanigans. Plus, Brett Ritchie's blackmail material, bad surprises, and haunted sex dolls. Here's to you, Mrs. Dickinson!


Ep 84 (10.21.18) - The One in an Inverted Coma

October 22, 2018

The season is doomed! Carolyn & Merrin give their best advice ever, Jamie Benn can't cartwheel, Merrin goes to camp, Carolyn learns about the Dallas Cowboys, and there's not nearly enough improv. Remember kids, God loves a callback!


Ep 83 (10.7.18) - The One that’s Mostly Laugh Track

October 8, 2018

Hockey's back! And so are the shenanigans. Carolyn & Merrin break down the start to the Stars' season, things get kinda sexy, Jamie scores 600, the Canucks are kinda dumb (as usual), and absolutely no one is high. We promise.


Ep 82 (9.23.18) - The One Where Vin Diesel Dies

September 24, 2018

Special guest Bob Spencer (@BobaFenwick) joins Carolyn & Merrin for the Division Preview to rule them all -- The Central. It's schadenfreude, massive uncertainty, death, and pancakes as they talk through all seven teams. Carolyn says something nice about the Blues, Merrin reveals her secret, and Bob remains optimistic. Plus, the most difficult choice ever!


Ep 81 (9.9.18) - The One with the Tainted Cup

September 10, 2018

Deep in the Heart of Hockey goes Full Dad as we're joined by special guest Ian McLaren to preview the Metropolitan Division! Featuring: hubris, goalie love, potential miracles, Jack Adams predictions and more. Carolyn needs a second take, Jack Johnson finds his passion, Ian goes viral, and Merrin doesn't get any ice cream. 


Ep 80 (8.26.18) - The One Where Tom Hanks Lies

August 27, 2018

It's an ocean-sized podcast as the multi-talented Christine Maggio, better known as @HockeyBabbler, joins us to preview the Pacific Division. We talk Seattle hockey, Connor McDavid: Pokemon, the biggest NHL conspiracy yet, #CoreyPerryFacts, good dogs, casual nudity, and so, so much more. Should she scout sea scouts by the sea shore?


Ep 79 (8.12.18) - The One that’s One Man’s Charming

August 16, 2018

Associate editor for SB Nation's Raw Charge and Pension Plan Puppets, Achariya Rezak, joins Carolyn & Merrin for a gigantic Atlantic Division preview! Talking Jeff Skinner trade, deep-seated rivalries, Dylan Larkin, head canons, and of course, hobbitses. What's it like to be a person who does research? We wouldn't know! 


Ep 78 (7.29.18) - The One that Splurges at Applebee’s

July 30, 2018

It's the episode where we forget how to podcast! Carolyn & Merrin are joined by special guest Robert Tiffin, Defending Big D contributor and dour cake man. They chat Janmark's extension, Gemel Smith's arbitration, fast casual dining, and Rodney Dangerfield. It's the podcast that says: don't worry about salmonella, you eat that cookie dough.